Eiskanal Augsburg

Technique intensive from beginner to advanced

Eiskanal AugsburgEiskanal is an artificial canal, therefore is a perfect place to train everything.


Eiskanal Augsburg Beginner or taster course (1-2 days)
You just want to try out if you like the sport or want to start kayaking with the right technique. Then you are in the right place.

You are not a beginner anymore and want to improve. We pick you up from your level and take you with intensive training to the next level.

Eiskanal Augsburg Advanced
You already have some experience but still not enought to take care of your self in every situation. Short of the long story here we gonna teach you how to run harder white water safely and happy with perfect strokes and good timing.

Good to know:
no minimum number of participants, small groups, perfect and safe conditions, no hidden costs

Eiskanal AugsburgPrice:
Group lesson:
80€ per person / day
400€ per person / 5 days

Privat lession:
90€ per person / day
180€ per person / 2 days

In all our prices the costs for permission and equipment included!

Dates We offer this courses daily from May to Oktober.

This is a small selection of the specified group course dates:

Trial course Beginner course Refresher training Advanced course Rolltraining

Eiskanal Augsburg Courses
Completly individual booking. From single to multi- day. Contact us and we will find your perfect date.


Pure water time is 3 hours a day.

What to bring?

  • swimsuit
  • functions shirt, may socks
  • waterproof suncreme
  • Glasses: glasses strabs, contact lense and / or spare glasses