Which course is right for me?


Where: Augsburg
You just want to try out if you like the sport. Then try it out in 1-2 days.

Beginner course / Basic course

Grundkurs KajakWhere: Augsburg, Lech Valley
At the beginning we make you familiar with the material and the equipment.

  • Basic strokes
  • Wet exit
  • Eddy in, eddy out
  • Team building
Conditions of the Participants
  • Safe swimming
  • will to enjoy new challenges

Intermediate course

Aufbaukurs KajakWhere: Augsburg, Slovenia, Turkey
You already have some experience. May you had an 5 days beginner lession before.

  • Improve your technique
  • individual respond to the respective deficits
Conditions of the Participants
  • Safe swimming
  • routine of WW2
  • will to enjoy new challenges

Advances course

Fortgeschrittenenkurs KajakWhere: Augsburg, Inn Valley, Slovenia
This course is desinged for kayakers who master the requirements from the intermediate
course effortless and hassle free. But there is still room for improvement.
The efficiency of your strokes could be even better. Surf a wave or riding a hole are not
always successful and you don't see the right line in every situation.
This and much more we will teach you.

Privat course Where: Augsburg, Slovenia
If you want to achieve as much as possible in short time this is the right course for you.
This course are desinged for kayakers who want to improve their technique and level. But
also for people who want to learn everything exactly and without any errors.

Canadier WO: Augsburg
Canadier kayakers knees instead of sitting in their kayak and have only single paddle
Anyone looking for new challenges? Here you are.

Rescue course WO: Augsburg
You don't feel completly safe with your rescue skills. No matter if you have kayak or rescue
experiance. This is a very important issue, so don't miss this course.

What to bring:

  • Swimmsuit
  • Functions shirt, may socks
  • Google strap / spare glasses / contact lense
  • waterproof suncreme